Thai Yoga Bodywork:

Thai Yoga Bodywork is very similar to Traditional Thai Massage from Thailand, but it is has been refined to address the unique stress patterns in people's bodies that occur from modern life. Rather than work on a mat on the floor, you will be on a massage table so that more emphasis can be placed on releasing tension from your neck and shoulders.  Thai Yoga Bodywork is very different from a standard oil massage.  Here, you wear loose comfortable clothing and no oil is used.  You will be skillfully moved into various yoga positions while rhythmic compressions are applied to open up your joints and stretch your muscles.  It is like combining a massage and a yoga session together but you don't have to do any of the work.  Thai Yoga Bodywork is extremely relaxing, restorative, and therapeutic.  It relieves deep seated tension and makes you feel much more comfortable and free in your body. By the end of a session you will feel both deeply relaxed and energized at the same time. Many people report feeling the positive effects for days afterward.  

Traditional Thai Massage:

Similar to Thai Yoga Bodywork but here you receive the treatment on a mat on the floor rather than on a massage table. There is less emphasis placed on releasing tension from your neck, shoulders, and upper back.   




Energy Balancing & Deep Relaxation Treatment:

Wearing loose comfortable clothing, you relax on a very special massage table.  The table is topped with a pad filled with thirty pounds of crushed amethyst crystal that emits a deeply soothing and nourishing heat into your body. Throughout the session, you are gently stretched, rocked, and held in specific ways that promote a deep unwinding and release of nervous and muscular tension. Exceptionally calming, this treatment quiets the mind and soothes the nerves in a way that takes you far beyond ordinary relaxation.  In this deep state of repose, the vital energies that are foundational to your health and well-being naturally restore themselves to a place of balance. You will leave feeling extraordinarily relaxed, restored, and refreshed.

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