Michael Baier has been a full time practitioner of the healing arts since 1999.  His formal bodywork training began in that same year on the island of Maui where he attended a year-long certification program at the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. He then continued his education for several years through private apprenticeships with healers and teachers from many diverse traditions.  Michael considers his most valuable training to come from his hands on experience.  Seventeen years of professional practice and over 8,000 client sessions have refined the work that he now offers into a true healing art.

Michael’s “inner” training began in 1995 with his formal study and practice of meditation.  Between 2001-2003, he spent a total of eight months in India and Nepal in order to deepen his meditation practice. At one point he spent three full months in silent meditation retreat.  It is his consistent practice of meditation that has allowed Michael to cultivate an inner stillness and a presence which brings so much depth and effectiveness to the healing work he offers to others. 

Michael’s technical bodywork excellence combined with his ability to touch people at a level deeper than the just physical, can yield results that are nothing short of transformational for the recipient. 

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