As a chiropractor, dancer, teacher and bodyworker, I have received at least a thousand sessions of bodywork in my life.  The treatments I've received from Michael Baier are among the very best I have ever experienced.  Specific, patient, gentle and deep; his work involves repetitive, slow movements that free the joints, muscles, bones and organs.  Michael's work is a product of much education that is woven into his own deeply meditative process and creativity, and it goes beyond the physical.  Michael changes consciousness with his touch.  He is able to guide my body to discover it's own way to melt tension and to free my own deep, joyous, calm energy; opening possibilities and gateways that seemed locked.  I give him my highest recommendation.  

Dr. George Russell, D.C. - New York, NY

I have been working with Michael for the past two years and have found his counsel, bodywork and energy healing invaluable in my transformation to a calmer, more peaceful, and aligned individual. This has benefitted not only myself, but my entire family and has shifted the dynamic in our household. His work has helped me shift and clear patterns, allowing me to relate and reconnect with life and my family in a more positive way. My sessions have become paramount to my emotional and physical health and I am so grateful to be working with him.

Laura Friedman - Chappaqua, NY

For a long time, I had been dealing with bouts of anxiety and stress and was unable to find any relief.  A friend of mine suggested that I go see Michael.  I was skeptical at first, but after my first visit I was convinced that he could help me.  I couldn’t believe how deep I went in that first session.  I always tell my friends that a regular relaxation massage doesn’t calm me nearly as much.  And even as relaxed as I become during our sessions, afterwards I actually have more energy, but calm energy - not so frazzled.  His work has been life changing for me and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Hilary Murray - Chappaqua, NY

I have been seeing Michael for healing for the past eight years.  Since starting with Michael I have become aware of the tremendous importance of this work to relieve stress and to reconnect me with my body, and to understand how it carries and holds stress. Michael is very knowledgeable and listens carefully to my issues and requests. I am always confident that I will end the session feeling relaxed, peaceful and focused. What's more, Michael will give me direction and advice that helps me to stay balanced between sessions. I have recommended Michael many times and I will continue to do so with confidence.

Viviane Kaneff  - New Canaan, CT

Michael is very open and able to respond to any number of issues I am facing in my life.  Working with him offers me so much more than talk therapy. The energy healing makes it a much deeper and more complete healing experience.  The spiritual perspective and guidance that Michael offers has allowed me to find peace and solace around many difficult life situations.

Sara Cass  - Scarsdale, NY

Michael Baier is one of the most gifted healers I have met and worked with in my 30 years of experience in this field.  His self-discipline and commitment to his craft excels almost anyone else I have come into contact with.  He has skill, compassion, and is a good listener.  He tends to my specific needs and requests, and delivers results with great consistency and tremendous effectiveness.  I have known him and worked under his guidance for over ten years, and have experienced his work continually deepen and evolve.  I can honestly say that Michael is "one stop shopping" for anyone seeking anything from bodywork to the highest level of energetic healing.

Alison Fletcher - Port Chester, NY

Michael has worked regularly with my eighteen-year-old autistic son for the last seven years and the changes have been incredible.  My son is more independent, focused, and he is much calmer.  Michael has such a friendly, gentle way that my son felt immediately at ease.  I would definitely recommend Michael's work!

Barbara - Greenwich, CT

I am rarely at a loss for words, but the profound effects I have experienced through Michael's healing work are hard to convey in language.  Michael helped put me on the path to uncover what was underneath the layers of labels and roles I had become, yet were not my true identity.  Working with Michael ultimately gave me access to the powerful clarity and strength that had always resided within me but had seemed unattainable for various reasons.  I continue to experience the fruits of our work together in my daily life.  I am forever grateful to have come into contact with the pure soul that embodies Michael.

Gretchen Fleisher - Bedford Hills, NY

Michael is a real healer with unique and exceptional abilities.  His counsel, bodywork, and energy work are never prepackaged or preconceived; rather, he works intuitively, always responding in the moment to whatever my needs are.  His penetrating perceptions, gentle support, spiritual wisdom, and honesty have had a profound influence on my life.

Jennifer Banks - Westport, CT

My sessions with Michael are an essential treat that I give myself, and one of the most important things that I do for myself in my life.  They are a “coming home”.  Michael helps me to re-center and reconnect to what's really important.  When I walk in the door I literally start to feel my stress drop away.  Michael is then able to work with the deeper layers that are requiring attention.  From my physical body to my spirit, he guides all of the different parts of me back into balance.  I always come away feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Kim Beaumont - Darien, CT

The sessions that I had with Michael were so much more than I could have imagined. My whole life has shifted to a more peaceful, grounded, and purposeful reality. I learn something new every time I meet with Michael.  I have a renewed joy in my life and I am excited to start the many projects that I have put off for so long. I now look forward to my meetings with Michael because I see my sessions with him as an integral part of my health and natural living paradigm.

Ginger Mielke - Greenwich, CT

What was unique for me in these sessions was how deep I was able to drop in.....and the amazing discoveries I made. It was as if I were meeting myself for the first true self. I was also able to get to a place of such profound stillness that allowed me to perceive myself and the world around me in a much clearer way. In addition to the effects of the sessions, the other gift of doing this work was the way it transformed me.  I am happier, more peaceful and more clear than I have ever been in my life. As I have blossomed on the inside, it has also been remarkable to see how this inner transformation has caused beautiful and unexpected changes in my external world. I am for the first time really living in alignment with my true self....and it feels great!

Mary Ellen Jay  - Greenwich, CT

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